Announcing the 2018 Coles Crossing Christmas Light Competition

Sponsored by the Coles Crossing Dad’s Club


  1. Any house can enter within Coles Crossing

  2. An entrant can install the lights or hire someone to do so.

  3. Registration Deadline is December 9th at Midnight.

  4. Judging will occur between December 10th and December 16th, between 7-10 PM.  Winner’s announced December 17th.

  5. If the lights are not turned on when the judges visit the home, the home will not be judged.

  6. Winners will get decorative yard sign, write-up in Paperboy and Coles Facebook page, the envy of all neighbors, bragging rights at all community events, weddings, retirement parties, etc.

  7. If five or more houses on a block are entered, then they are automatically entered in the “Best Block” competition.   To avoid confusion, please enter your “Block” addresses on form. If in doubt, organizers will use their best judgment determining “Block” boundaries.

  8. Please email with questions.